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Mosaic Sisters Soul Search January 2022

Soul Search: Revive!

"Revive your light. Manifest your dreams. Realize your worth."- Alex Elle

Your Goal for the REVIVE Soul Search:

REVIVE something that has lost it's life.

You can REVIVE one or multiple things:

-A room in your house: Pick a room. Make it SPARKLE. Clean it, scrb it, fill it with warmth and love, bring it BACK to life (whatever that looks like to you).

-Something that is special to you; patch the blanket, paint the vase, hem the ripped curtains...

-Yourself: Find what you have been wanting to do that breathes life back into your soul. Once you discover it, commit to it. Commit to it in a reasonable way that is achievable. Whether it's walking more, drinking more water, finding your inner child (Liza can help with that!) or adding veggies to to your diet, try hard to keep your commitment and it may just turn into a habit!

The ways you can breathe life back into your own soul are LIMITLESS!

Grab your pen and your journal/a notebook, pick one or more ways you are committing to reviving yourself and/ or your surroundings and let's get started!

The Sticker you will earn:

ONE MORE THING! Every January starting today we will pick a word or theme for the year. This is just an "extra" thing we'll do for ourselves. It's not "required" to earn your patch but instead a fun thing to help us have the year we want for ourselves!

My theme: BE LIGHT

(Only Members with a paid subscription will receive the sticker, have access to the Managing your Anxiety Classes on finding your inner child

, Craft and other workshops. Purchase your membership here:

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Image by Léonard Cotte