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Mosaic Sisters Soul Search December 2021

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Soul Search: Joy

“Let your joy be in your journey—not in some distant goal.” —Tim Cook

Your Goal for the JOY Soul Search:

Fill YOUR bucket with newness!

It is Psychologically proven that trying new things brings you JOY!
“You have this fear of failing and of doing something new, which is very natural. In order to do stuff that matters, you need to overcome that.”- Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google

The Sticker you will earn when you complete the JOY Soul Search:

Follow these steps to complete the JOY Soul Search:

  1. Pick 4 things you've never done before (you can pick them all at once or once a week). See below for examples.

  2. Commit yourself to learning/doing one new thing each week!

  3. Join our Weekly Soul Sessions (if you can) on December 8th, 13th, 20th and 28th. This is where we will share our new skill, recipe, craft, etc and talk with our sisters about the experience!

  4. We also plan to have weekly workshops with fun activities that are "new to most"! Feel free to do these on top of your already chosen new skill or as your new skill!

For example: I've never made fudge...I've never made fudge because my mom says it's hard but I'm 37 and I like fudge...SO...I'm going to learn how to make it! I'll overcome that silly fear and out of my new experience, I will be happy with myself and my fudge no matter how it turns out because while I make it, I'll play some Christmas music (that ALWAYS makes me happy) and decide I am going to find joy in my "fudge making journey"!

More examples below!

Try a new recipe!

Listen to a new PodCast!

Try a new food!

Make a new friend!

Take a walk on a path you've never walked on!

Watch a movie you never watched before!

Create something new!

Buy yourself something you would never normally buy!

Take a class to learn a new skill (Yoga?!)

Read a book you've never read but you've always wanted to!

Take a drive to a place you've never been!

Learn how to sew!

Play a game you've never played!

Learn a new dance!

Paint or color something new!

Join a workshop or journaling if you haven't yet!

(Only Members with a paid subscription will receive the sticker, have access to the Managing your Anxiety through JOY and Anxiety Classes, Craft and other workshops. Purchase your membership here:

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