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Mosaic Sisters Soul Mission, August 2022.

Mission: Emphaphay



the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Sympathy vs. Empathy:

Your Goal for the this Soul Mission:

Practice and grow YOUR empathy skills!

To be truly empathetic and learn how to stand in the darkness with someone else.

The 5 Empathy Skills

  • Don't Judge. Put yourself in the other person's shoes

  • Listen Actively. Practice Mindfulness

  • Acknowledge THEIR feelings.

  • ASK questions

  • Show care, concern and emotional support


Use your journal or a plain piece of paper to make your Empathy garden and all the skills you want to grow!

You can use the template attached or just some markers and imagination!

Pick who you want to practice empathy on this month and as the month goes on build your skills. Keep referring back to your garden to help keep you on track!

EXAMPLES of who you could choose to show empathy: Your partner, parents, neighbors, childrens, a friend

, etc.

"If wounds could bloom, what a garden she would be!"

The sticker you will earn:

How my Garden looks.

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Image by Léonard Cotte