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The 5 Ws Of Mosaic Sisters!

WHO: Who should sign up? Any woman leading a busy life needing to reconnect with themselves and a self-care routine.


WHAT is Mosaic Sisters? Mosaic Sister’s is a Virtual Women’s Subscription Group! This is what is consists of:

-Workshops: Some examples are crocheting, Paint and sip, Cooking classes and more!

-Weekly classes with our very own Lifestyle coach, Liza on breathing, meditation and more!

-Live Journaling where we discuss our GRIT (something we are GRATEFUL for, REFLECTIVE on, INTENTIONAL of and a TRUTH) and our days!

-Monthly Soul Missions: EVERY month we pick a topic and work on it together!

-A SUPER fun sticker that correlates with the Soul Search!


WHERE: Everything in Mosaic Sisters is virtual and accessible to everyone in the group!


When: Our events or different times and days to accommodate busy schedules!

WHY: Why have a Women’s Group? Why only charge 9.99? The answer is simple, it is SO needed. Women today are pulled in 5000 directions and this helps them to comeback to something very important, self-care and self-love. As far as the low cost, we want it to be affordable to EVERY women in need! If you can’t afford it, fill out our sponsorship form here and we will let you know when we have a sponsor for you! 

We want YOU to know that you are NOT alone!
ALL women are welcome!
Join for a month, 6 months, or forever!
We would love to have you! You are important, valued, and loved!

Please contribute
so other women in need may receive free membership and receive helpful tools

Image by Dee @ Copper and Wild
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